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          Sales and installation of Eavestroughing has been a family tradition for over 50 years. This tradition is based on our pride and joy, which is customer satisfaction and honesty. Please watch our video.

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      • Good afternoon, I had done lots of research and requested 4 separate estimates from various companies and by far the service that I received from precision had exceeding my expectations. I would like to start out by complimenting “Mike” who first approached me some time ago and left his business card. I eventually contacted him for an estimate. We scheduled a date and it was very clear that he was very positive, prompt and a firm supporter of this company. Mike not only came by the house to provide an estimate, he spent the time doing a thorough walk around with me providing options, color slabs and providing his professional advice. This was very helpful and appreciated! Without feeling the pressure to sell I immediately found myself trusting in not only Mike but the company as well therefore inevitably selecting you for the job. Once I contacted Mike to confirm and provide my deposit. Mike then went out of his way to ensure that the work was completed the very next day knowing that my wife and I just recently had a child and that our front steps were a hazard and struggle to maintain. I happened to go home the following day at noon to take my dog out and ran into the 2 installers who had by this time already completed the installation on my home and were working on my neighbor’s home (I believe they were brothers). Both took the time to chat with me and appeared to be very professional and friendly which is always appreciated. Without interrupting too much of their time I thanked them again for their hard work and they proceeded to work on the neighbor’s home. This same afternoon I received another follow-up call from Mike to inform me that he had just completed another walk around/inspection of the completed work on my home. I informed him that I was approx.. 5mins away at which time he immediately indicated that he would wait for me to give me a personal follow-up inspection again. Upon my arrival we again went around and I was very content with the install and selections. We found 1 minor nic on the front paint which Mike indicated that he would ensure that it was looked after once the weather permits. I am confident that this will be taken care of when the time permits… Lastly, today I received a call from Carol who confirmed the completion of the work and requested “if:” it were ok for her to process the remaining balance owed from my credit card. I have never experienced this from a company, normally they are very quick to take money owing, sometime prior to the work even being completed. That being said, Carol was very pleasant to speak to and I’d like to again thank you for this service and approach! It’s no wonder you are 3 generations in and still strong. Please forward my gratitude to everyone that helped with my home. I will keep you in mind for future and of course refer you to my family and peers if ever required. Sincerely, Brett Ellenor

        Brett E.
      • Good morning Maxime, I’ve been meaning to send you a message a couple of weeks ago, but work and family barely leave me time to breath! This is just a message to thank you for your excellent service. The work was very well done, and I also wanted to thank you for your assistance on our initial meeting. You take the time to explain, to understand what I was looking for, and to offer several forms of payments, to always support the client. Your professionalism was highly appreciated. In fact, you were the first meeting of four companies that I wanted to get estimates from, and you made it really easy for me to trust and believe that I was dealing with a serious and good company. So, I just cancelled the other meetings. I find that we always find the time to put a claim, to criticize, BUT we also need to find the time to thank for a work well done. Congratulations, Carmen Larsen-Grijalva 1941 Montmere Avenue Orleans, Ontario.

        Carmen L.
      • Extremely satisfied. The sales rep explained the different products offered and recommend the one that suited me needs. I felt like I could trust his recommendation. Happy that all I had to do was approve the contract, then I came home from work and it was all done!

        Sylvain G.
      • You did an amazing job both at my house and my neighbour’s. We are extremely pleased with the work and the professionalism of your installers. Thank you!

        Gary L.
      • Very happy with the end product. Highly recommend Company Thank you for a job well done

        Joan M.
      • We are very pleased the way we were treated, very “Customer Focus”.

        Lucie G.
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